DIRAC Diagnóstico Inteligente para RAdiografías con implementación en Circuito integrado

1.- Segmented area

The segmented region to perform ML evaluation.

This work started from a colaboration of the our group with FISABIO with the idea of providing an oportunity to pacakage ML devices in low cost comodity hardware. The idea is provide from less than 300 € a complex system able to perform evaluation. For this reason we are exploring:

  • Large database mining with the objetives of providing standard base models
  • A set of harware with special requisites, including GPU, TPU or other accelerators
  • Clinical integration, by providing access to standard PACs protocols
  • One of the key benefits of this project has been to start working in CHEST radiographic datasets, before the 2020 covid CONFINEMENT, this allowed our group to start working with real patients located in the Valencia Comunity.

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